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The Analysis Of Munshi Premchand Shroud (Kafan)

Short Summary of Munshi Premchand Shroud

Munshi Premchand shroud

Shroud by Munshi Premchand is the story of two chamar (dalit) characters Ghisu and Madhav who are poor and lazy to do work. Ghisu is the father and Madhav is the son and both do not want to work. Both just want to relax and rest all the time. What happened that the wife of Madhav Bhudhiya is pregnant and father & son have not money for the treatment of her. And the next morning she died due to the lack of treatment and miserable situation. After the death they have to arrange some money for the funeral but they have not money so they arrange some money by beg to their neighbor. They went to buy a Shroud for her funeral but rather purchasing the shroud they spend the money to drink and eat some pakode and the story ends.

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 Major Characters of Munshi Premchand Shroud

Muushi Premchand Characters

Ghisu: Ghisu is the father and belongs to the a dalit (chamar) family. He is very lazy, Ghisu like to rest for three days, if he work for one day. He was a unresponsible person who have not care for her daughter in law who was in pain of perganannt. He had not any kind of tension for the treatment of Budhiya.

Madhav: Madhav's character is same as his father. There is no difference between the son & father. Both are lazy or can say the son is one step forward to his father. His reaction for her wife was showing that he was waiting for her death to free himself for the responsibilities to which he did not cared.

Bhudhiya: Budhiya is the wife of Madhav and at the starting of the story we found that she s pregnant and in pain because her husband & father in law have not money for her treatment and finally she died.

Theme of Munshi Premchand Shroud

suffering Of Dalits : The story of the Ghisu and Madhav is not only the stoy of their's rather it is the story of every Dalit at the time when India was not free to Britishers. By these two characters Munshi Premchand showed the situation and mentality of the Dalit characters.

Blind Beliefs & Customs: At one stage Madhv said that 

"What a bad custom it is that someone who didn't even get a rag to cover her body when she was alive, needs a new shroud when she's dead."

this shows that Premchand want to satire on the society when she was died any one of person did not come forward for her help and now they help them to make her funereal. Munshi Premchand want to say that for the society the customs and tradition was much important rather the persons.

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“The Shroud” short fiction(Munshi Premchand), BEd,Gurukpo